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Marcel 'Hans' Rodriguez jerks off until he cums

Marcel is bodybuilder who is very used to photos of professional journals and competitions, but he must live on something, and if that means stripping naked and masturbating while he's being photographed, then that's more than welcome.

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16:21 A steward serves with his huge cock Matthew Rush is a chief flight attendant that does everything it takes to make customers happy, so if a traveler gets affectionate, he drops his pants, if he has to give, he gives, and it he has to take it, he's very happy to ride on a dick. 21:10 Bottom bodybuilder opens his asshole's doors A handsome bodybuilder, although perhaps too anabolized, is available for a young man who is half his size and who is soon sucking his cock to get him to open his legs and offer his cocksucking ass instantly. 15:52 Jorge Alvarez records a nice jerking session Jorge Alvarez is a bodybuilder who gets very hot when he turns on the webcam and records himself while he lies naked in bed and spanks the monkey really well as he shows us his muscles and especially the cumshot he ends up busting. 46:07 Gianluigi Volti, a very wanking bodybuilder Gianluigi Volti is a bodybuilder with a body full of muscles and veins, especially on his cock, and his cock starts getting very hard and he starts touching himself after going some dumbbells, covering his hard abs with beefy jizz. HD 13:00 Zeb Atlas jerks off in the straw loft Zeb Atlas gives us an unbearable talk while he works with his horse, on foot, and then showing us his biceps he goes taking his cowboy clothes off until he gets completely naked, to get into a hay loft and jerk off comfortably on some straw bales. 21:30 Zeb Atlas sucks and fucks Brady Jensen Zeb is, as usually, at the gym, when a salesman comes to sell him something and he eventually ends up sucking his cock, although Zeb does the same, he swallows cock to finally take the blond guy and stick it up his ass to fuck him like a man. HD 11:35 Bodybuilding hunk gets penetrated anally A bodybuilder full of muscles and good flesh is in the hotel bed when a member of the cleaning staff arrives, who is, almost as hot as he is and especially, looking forward to sucking his cock and then fucking him, and he does it, of course. 16:49 Matthew Rush, who has lost quite his looks, fucks Roman Rivers Matthew Rush has lost his looks quite much with time and I guess with so many hormonal cycles, although he keeps being big, with a big belly, but anyway, he fucks Roman's ass without any problem, but they end up better masturbating on a three-seater. 27:24 These beefcakes shove it in the ass Brad Kalvo has a cock that is a bit ugly, but like the rest of the body, it is a monument. He gets his mate on all fours on the couch and fucks the kid so hard he moans like a bitch in heat before cumming like crazy on the couch. 21:34 Bodybuilding hunk cums on the gym's floor Matt Davis trains everyday at the gym for hours, but there's a time when he gets so horny that he has to strip naked and start touching himself, so that finally, he jerks off well, leaving the floor covered with jizz.
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