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Guy Sterling works his morning wood

Guy is hard every morning upon awakening, so it doesn't take him long to start fapping until he's so horny with his great muscular body that he ends up jizzing big time, a really thick, white one, before he starts running his mouth in an interview.

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20:43 John Magnum fucks Colby Keller's superass Colby is playing dumb because he wants the gym instructor to pay attention to him, so he has to explain to him how to do triceps and Colby thanks him with a good blowjob, riding later on John's cock to get it deep inside. 49:41 Sexual slave lets guys fuck him in the ass A bald guy who lookes like a thug but eventually turns out to be a submissive, insatiable bottom who can't live without some good cock up his ass, pumping him cum inside to receive a good fist while he swings on a sling like a good bottom. 20:38 Cody Cummins fucks Justin Ryder's face Cody has a muscle contracture or something like that and he asks his friend Justin to lend him a hand, but eventually, the hand goes to his cock and he does him a good blowjob so that Cody, later, with his hard, huge cock, fucks his mouth as he deserves. 22:57 Nookie on the terrace becomes a threesome Three colleagues go to spend the morning on the terrace of one of them and suddenly two would start feasting on their cocks, something the third one sees and ends up joining the fun to end fucking and with a good cumshot. 21:46 Daddy takes son to try a glory hole A dad takes his son to a glory hole cabin so that he learns how wonderful it is to stick it in a glory hole and discover that he can cum like a fountain thanks to some sucky stranger to whom he also teaches to satisfy him with his mouth. 33:48 A Latino penetrated in the ass by a well-endowed blond guy A couple of hunks with muscular bodies start to suck their cocks on a red background and although they have no bed, they just lay on the ground and there, they start to fuck in the ass, with the Latin one sitting on the blond jock's cock, riding until they masturbate. 16:39 A huge cock to roar with pleasure A guy with an unmatched cock, superlong and also fat, because there's nothing worse than a pencil penis, has a party in a dark garage while he receives a good blowjob from a bottom whom he ends up impaling hard in the ass. HD 07:10 Hung hot guy teaches us how to jerk off An amazing blond guy who looks like a god, with an awesome body and a mind-blowing cock that could feed many gets to work and starts jerking off with different tantric techniques that make his cock superhard. HD 90:36 Bareback fucks all the way in and some double penetration These young guys are so over everything they don't know what else to do, so they have a double penetration before some soldiers on a field trip and other guys end up fucking in the ass condomless. 15:24 Cody Dalton camps Cody Dalton knows how to enjoy nature and whenever it's possible he goes camping on his own to feel the environment, stripping naked walking by the river to end up jerking off by the campfire.
86:18 A few solo and couples' scenes A collection of the best Hot House scenes in which hunks either jerk off with a dildo in the ass or have fun with another partner enjoying good anal sex with good and tasty rock-hard cock. 24:24 Trystan Bull jerking off Trystan Bull arrives home and he's alone, so he gets himself a drink and starts watching some porn in his phone until he gets very horny, and later, after looking at himself in the mirror, he plays a porn movie and sits back on the couch to jerk off until he cums really well. HD 74:16 Straight bodybuilders pleasure themselves in solitude These bodybuilders have much muscle to show, but they save the best muscle for the end, their cock, which they jerk off in privacy until they get so horny that they end up busting a white nut. 16:16 Stu, a young hunk looking forward to showing off his cock Stu is a young guy who wants to leave his village and doesn't find any other solution than, although it makes him crazy, actually, stripping naked in front of the camera, giving some boring speech and, fortunately, jerking off twice, leaving it all covered in cum. HD 22:24 Hayden is a bodybuilder whose dick is always ready Hayden is a huge body builder who attends an interview as he has ​​a few pics made and is asked to remove more and more clothes until he finally is completely naked, jerks off really well and ends up covered in sweat. 15:48 Boxer hottie shows us his big dick A young seasoned and very energetic guy tries to relax by hitting the punching box, but he even has a bigger desire to chill out with some good masturbation. One of those wanks that leave everyone lying on the couch, wanting a siesta. 98:36 Land of horny, muscular, wanking cowboys Guys in the US get very horny when they dress like cowboys, with their hat, chaps and very hard cock which as soon as they get dressed and are outdoors they can't avoid touching until they bust a good nut. 14:15 Justin jerks off with a dildo up his ass Justin feels very horny, and especially, very anal, so he starts wanking and he ends up with a dildo in the ass, sticking it very deeply until he ends up busting a huge load that leaves it all covered in macho freshly-milked cum. 38:58 Masturbation before having a good anal fuck Dale Cooper masturbates nicely in his cottage, alone and relaxed, but what happens next is that he receives a visitor and ends up using his wonderful cock again in his buddy's ass and leaving him happy for his buddy to fuck him too. 18:12 Guillaume lets guy suck his cock after a big qualm Guillaume has gone to a place where he'll be recorded while he gets a massage but it turns out that he's massaging him too much, like he's eating his nipples out and kissing his body, until they suck his cock, something that makes him uncomfortable but he lets him do and jerks off later. HD
94:58 Hunks having amazing fucks D.O. watches from his terrace how some guys are making out outdoors and then they have a good fuck, like he does with another hunk and other even better ones in the same neighbourhood, who fuck by sticking such huge cocks into their muscular asses. 48:03 Good machotes fuck bareback in the ass In the first scene, three hot painters leave work aside, two of them pee on him and fuck his face and ass, this third guy jerks off with pleasure. In the second one, a guy with a huge cock sticks it into a hunk until he cums in his ass. 15:03 A good fuck to wake up A hunk wakes up and a thief gets into bed with him until their huge cocks get so stiff that they have to put the swelling to good use, so they suck them in a 69 and then burst their assholes with them. 102:25 These twins manage the factory zealously These twinks come to factory management with much zeal, or rather said, always horny, so they remove their coveralls and take their cocks out, because they do not wear underwear, and they stick it into all the possible operators' mouths and asses. 115:07 In this prison, they all get horny This prison is a bit like Orange is the new black, there are some extraordinary flings among guards and inmates and they do things that are not allowed, like sucking their dicks, masturbating together and fucking in the asshole in the facilities. HD 57:13 Anal cum collector A supermacho guy goes crazy sucking cock on his knees to squeeze them and take out all the boy juice in them, while reserving his greedy ass to have it nailed in his asshole and have it, one after another, well bred and full of milk. 19:14 There's nothing better than a good fuck in the gym shower Two guys are in the gym showers and they soon get such a hard-on that finally they dare to pleasure each other in the balls, kneeling, and swallowing as champions until they eventually fuck bareback on the floor. 34:53 Straight guy does his girlfriend's best friend The girlfriend of a straight guy promises him that if he fucks a friend of hers, she will have a threesome with him and any pussy he chooses. The heterosexual guy freaks out and accepts, fucking the guy and letting him fuck his ass, dying of pleasure, although his girlfriend dumps him for being gay. 15:17 Kevin Faulk and his great body cast a big cumshot Kevin is in his medium, with his chest bare and he begins to get hotter and hotter, so he decides to go to bed , lie in it and take out his love shaft which soon will cast lots of warm cum. 12:22 Casual encounter and brutal fuck An spontaneous fuck between two guys with a very horny cock makes them get a bit further away to make out and as they see that doesn't chill them, they go home and the shaven-headed guy gives the handsome hunk such a fuck that they cum really nicely. HD
25:01 Very curious bodybuilders touch their cocks A couple of bodybuilders who are very curious watch each other in the jacuzzi and they start touching each other, no homo, but their cocks are hard like rock, but as they are brave guys, they end up rubbing each other and jerking off together. 16:21 A steward serves with his huge cock Matthew Rush is a chief flight attendant that does everything it takes to make customers happy, so if a traveler gets affectionate, he drops his pants, if he has to give, he gives, and it he has to take it, he's very happy to ride on a dick. 21:34 Matt Davis, a.k.a. Von Legend, shows himself and his cock off Matt is a bodybuilder who does not care about showing off his impressive muscular stallion chest-haired body. It makes him very horny when others watch him in the gym and that's why he ends up stripping naked, showing his amazing cock and cumming there. 16:39 Marcel 'Hans' Rodriguez jerks off until he cums Marcel is bodybuilder who is very used to photos of professional journals and competitions, but he must live on something, and if that means stripping naked and masturbating while he's being photographed, then that's more than welcome. 16:05 Christian Power and Felix Brazeau Christian Power goes to bed with Felix, who's dying to be fucked by a good bodybuilder, but, with so much muscle, he's a bit short on cock, but anyway, they fuck each other well and enjoy the good final masturbation both do. 08:16 Matt Davis jerks off after flexing his great body Matt is a bodybuilder that whenever he undergoes a naked photo shoot he gets so horny and doesn't take long to start spanking the monkey, no matter whether he's visible or not to anyone in that quiet cove. 27:24 These beefcakes shove it in the ass Brad Kalvo has a cock that is a bit ugly, but like the rest of the body, it is a monument. He gets his mate on all fours on the couch and fucks the kid so hard he moans like a bitch in heat before cumming like crazy on the couch. 20:48 Muscular hunks jerks off proud A huge man strips naked to show us later that huge stunning body he has, although that makes it look like he has a shorter dick, of course, and he masturbates making amazing faces before cumming. HD 15:52 Jorge Alvarez records a nice jerking session Jorge Alvarez is a bodybuilder who gets very hot when he turns on the webcam and records himself while he lies naked in bed and spanks the monkey really well as he shows us his muscles and especially the cumshot he ends up busting. 11:35 Bodybuilding hunk gets penetrated anally A bodybuilder full of muscles and good flesh is in the hotel bed when a member of the cleaning staff arrives, who is, almost as hot as he is and especially, looking forward to sucking his cock and then fucking him, and he does it, of course.
23:56 At 18 years old he's already fucking his first ever more mature ass A guy goes looking for a guy who has sent him his picture to meet and have a good bareback fuck, so when they meet, he has no doubt about it and puts his ass on the sling and lets the guy screw him, who gives him a hell of a fuck all until they swap roles. 25:13 Public restrooms with a surprise In this public rest rooms men meet some mindblowing hunks, but they behave the way they should, sucking their cocks through a huge glory hole and fucking in the ass with a good condom, of course. 23:25 Leo Giamani fucks Colby Keller hard Leo Giamani is about to give Colby a good fuck, but not without Colby getting very erected and sticking Leo a good facial fuck which he returns to Coby in the form of some ass fucking, leaving it well stretched and satisfied. HD 25:26 The visit from this salesman ends in anal penetration A trader goes around telling people his things, like all of them, from door to door until he comes home one to one who opens the door, invites him to come in and after being a pain with his offer, he ends up fucking him in the ass, not before a good face fuck. 13:42 First some fingers and then the whole cock bareback In some incomprehensible way in the script, a guy is going to give a blowjob to his boyfriend in the shower and finds that it is not his boyfriend. It's a thruster who takes him to bed and shoves a few fingers in before fucking him hard in the ass without a rubber. 31:04 Blond guy with a hairy ass gets a good cigar A blond guy with a very, very greedy ass lets a buddy massage him lightly, and I say lightly because he soon gets to suck his buddy's cock, and he ends up fucking him in the ass until he cums in his whole and sticks it all inside. HD 86:25 In this military bunker soldiers do not stop fucking Soldiers sheltered in the bunker are bored quite a lot as they don't know what's going on outside, so they play some good sexual games in which they pretend attacks that always end up with one of them wounded from meat and milk weapon. 132:48 Convention in the Big Apple A convention in New York makes the audience enjoy the hospitality of the hotel where they all come together to give each other a warm welcome in the form of cock sucking and fucking without taking their ties off or shirt while fucking in the ass. HD 20:59 Stripper auditions and tries some cock The bar's owner is looking for a good stripper for the show and he announces some auditions. When one he likes comes in he also wants to try his cock and ass and eventually ends up fucking him in the ass really well. 22:45 Hairy swarthy hunk fucking his friend in the ass A dark guy with an amazing hair and a furry chest takes home a guy who is the opposite, smooth-faced and very pale, to his bed, so that he sucks his dick, and opens his ass by licking it and ends up sticking it up his greedy asshole. HD