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Brent Everett fucks his teacher in class

Brent Everett has always got very horny with his teacher, with whom he's always tried to make advances, but it hasn't been until today, when he has finally turned 18 when they have been able to let themselves be carried away by lust and they fuck in the ass with the teacher riding Brent.

Pornstars: Brent Everett
11:13 Fucked in the ass for shooting at birds One of those half-lame farmers in the US is having some fun while shooting at some birds flying in the sky, but some brave hunks see him and go to him, and after stopping him, one fucks him so he learns the lesson. 155:23 Business fucks These mature guys, but not any less hot because of that, who are business men have some fucks instead of business meetings that are mindblowing, with fully grown-up men, muscular, mature and with a hairy chest who fuck like teenagers in heat. 18:54 A good fuck in the garden Although it might seem not true, some people get turned on by Martin Mazza, who inexplicably get offer themselves to him sexually in the middle of the garden without caring that he sticks it up his ass and then, he has to have some action with the fake aristocrat. HD 36:40 Rod Daily and Trevor Knight in prison Trevor visits his client in jail to inform him about how his case is going, but it turns out that Rod doesn't have any more money for the attorney to handle his case, so they make a deal: Rod gets his ass fucked by Trevor and the latter does his paperwork. HD 74:52 Bareback Mountain Before cowboys fell in love in Brokeback Mountain, real cowboys already stack it in the ass, with their supercowboy dicks, very good, fat and hard and also shoving them in naturally, with just a some good spitting as lubricant. 28:35 Topher DiMaggio busts Justin King's ass Two gym buddies end up getting very hard after discussing the game, so they settle their problems with some good ass fucking in the locker room where the macho bald guy ends up making his bottom slutty ass to have it banged. HD 24:01 They also share their cocks at work When they are bored reviewing the annual accounts of the company, these two colleagues remove their suits to finish fucking in the ass with their socks on, in the same chairs they work together daily. 63:33 The call of the wild In Canada's woods men find themselves in communion with nature and when they meet they have no problem to enjoy their bodies right there, in the woods, swallowing manshaft and opening their asses to let anyone who's willing come in. 14:40 Hard from the elevator to the stall These two youngsters are horny as fuck, so they take advantage of every moment to pleasure in a frenzy, whether they're in a store, an elevator or anywhere that takes them to a booth at a sexshop where they fuck well. 44:19 From strip table tennis to bareback train Some youths in hormonal time are playing ping pong and every time they lose they take off a garment until eventually, hormones get them and they end up fucking in the ass in the gym without wearing a rubber and they pull a long train.
25:08 Brent Everett jerking off on the balcony with some help Brent Everett begins to strip naked on his balcony by the view of the sea, and when he gets his cock really hard, he starts touching his dick and his cameraman turns up and gives him such a blowjob that he of course ends up cumming in his mouth. HD 25:08 Brent Everett gets his leather on and makes a session for us Brent Everett gets his leather attire on and turns on the webcam for his daily show playing with this superb, fat cock he has, stimulating himself as a big bitch in heat until he finally gets to cum on his arness. HD 19:15 Tyler West receives a massage Brent receives his buddy home to make him feel at home, especially when he gets him naked to give him a good massage that ends in a blowjob, a finger up the ass, in very hard cocks and a massage bench full of semen after their fuck. HD 22:04 Brent Everett and the mummy Brent Everett plays a superhorny Indiana Jones who gets into an Egyptian tomb and nothing else than jerking off occurs to him, so the mummy comes back to life to lend him some hand and end up leaving the tomb full of milk from the beyond and here. HD 117:34 Young students vent some tensions with their dicks These youths are in their exams season and they get stressed quite easily, but they've already discovered anal sex with their classmates and they can vent quietly wherever they are, at the gym, at the library or at home, the thing is fucking. 26:12 Brent Everett fucks a very greedy friend Brent always has some volunteers he can fuck well, giving them the chance of sucking his cock before taking his cock and lube to bang them, like happens with this hungry blond guy, against the couch, while his team registers and photographs everything. 36:57 Brent Everett has a party with two twins Brent Everett takes the Russo brothers home, who get very horny soon with the idea of having a good fuck with this guy who is so horny and who sucks the twins' cocks at the same time before penetrating. 24:23 Brent Everett swallows from the front and from behind Brent Everett, no matter if he gets older, won't change his tastes and will enjoy a good, long, hard cock near his face like crazy, so he can put it in to the bottom of his throat and later to the bottom of his ass when he gets on all fours.
18:40 Colby Jensen and Levi Madison in class In the exam revision at the end of the academic year, things don't seem to be in favor of this student, so, he finally has to play the anal sex wild card, offering it to his teacher, who accepts it gladly and passes him fucking him hard. HD 26:42 University students has a party in his ass A college student wanting to get a big macho dick inside, lets an allegedly straight guy tie him and fuck him in the ass over and over again without a rubber, to end up finishing in his greedy hole and leave a mess there. 35:12 Student and teacher nail their cocks in the library As the professor tells his PhD student to use the bibliography he must use for his thesis, the student gets very horny with the intelligence his mentor oozes, so he kisses him passionately and then fucks him in the middle of the library. 19:36 College classmates cannot stop fucking each other These college classmates live in the same student apartment where it's all day a cocksucking fiesta and especially for anal fucks, because even though they looked very straight, they finally all fuck each other and bareback to leave some semen for each other. 27:55 The student surpasses the teacher and, incidentally, fucks him A teacher says bye to his student in the classroom that has hosted them for so long and, unexplainably, the teacher gives his student a good blowjob, who ultimately takes over and fucks his mentor's greedy ass over his own table. 23:19 Making the coach a little school job in the classroom As the coach, a big horny black guy who makes his students very turned on, is preparing his lessons, a student who is going to deliver an evaluative assignment that will influence his grade arrives and it is summarized in a good blowjob including a fuck. 24:26 Seducing the teacher for a pass A young guy who wants his summer free to go to some music festival on the coast decides he has to pass everything, so he shows up at his teacher's desk and gives him such a blowjob that the teacher gives him an A+ in anal dilation. 21:47 A student lets teacher fuck him in the ass for a pass grade A student is very worried because he's not going to pass Portuguese that course, so he decides, as they are in some teambuilding days, to do some oral job on his teacher until he gets his ass fucked to get a good passing grade. 70:23 Three good scenes with three good fucks with beefy guys From the scene of a fuck in bed until the not-any-less-typical of fucking in a straw loft, these three couples have amazing fucks, enjoying their asses, specially in the scene in which the student catches his teacher jerking off in the classroom and fucks him. 27:07 Exchange student gets a comprehensive medical examination A black student with a good size for a thruster strips naked during his medical examination for the exclusive attention of the doctor, who touches everything to measure it, including the amount of semen this guy can jizz with a good masturbation.
21:20 Student and teacher fucking deep While he's tidying the classroom to go home, his favorite student comes in to ask him something, but it's just an excuse to try to get a higher grade with a good blowjob for the teacher, whom he ends up fucking so that he fucks him as well. 19:24 Class break with a good bareback fuck for the freshman When the teacher leaves the classroom when the recess starts, students in the adults institute know very well how to have a good time when they take the new guy and all of them fuck him in the ass until they fill his asshole with milk and it overflows down his legs. 25:42 Support lessons in highschool are the best Two kids who are in high school after repeating their last year several times, attend support classes, but as the teacher isn't coming, they start sucking their hard cocks until finally one of them takes the initiative and fucks him. 30:43 Student fucking his hot teacher's ass A young guy with a good cock and very horny turns up at a tutorial with his favorite teacher and doesn't stop until he ends up with his teacher with his ass all open, impaling him with his huge cock while the teacher freaks out with pleasure on his own desktop. 25:19 Biology professor gives a practical class of homosexuality It's time to explain those left behind the learning materials that were not clear for them in class. So the biology teacher begins to explain male homosexuality clearly with a good bareback fuck in the classroom. 32:24 Taichi teacher takes advantage of his students in class These young homosexuals have gone to a special Taichi class in which the instructor has urged them to do so in their underwear, so the thing eventually gets very relaxed and they have some good ass eatings and blowjobs, with a bukkake for the teacher. 25:42 Adam Russo makes pilates class dick-slap class Adam receives his Pilates teacher at his place and when they start twisting with efforts, they decide it's better to leave the Pilates aside and take out their whistles, already well stiff, to really exercise with a good blowjob and a better fuck.
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