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Jason Kingsley
Birthplace: Johannesburgo, South Africa
Birth: 27/11/1972 Scorpio ( 42 years , Middle-Aged )
Race: White
Pene: Big penis
Pelo corporal: Smooth
Body: Beefcake
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 94 kg
Biography: After studying composition and piano and be a professional classical music as bassist, Jason Kingsley began his career as a porn actor in 2004 with the film " Parashooters " Sarava Productions / Cazzo Films. From that moment becomes an indispensable and Colt Studios Kristen Bjorn, for those who work in nearly 20 titles, including new productions and anthologies, until 2010.

Completely versatile, Jason shared scenes with stars such as Brad Patton, Jason Ridge, Matt Cole, Brian Hansen Gage Weston or Jed Willcox, also African and your partner for a while. He is currently retired from porn.
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