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Daniel Marvin
Birthplace: , Argentina
Birth: 2/2/1982 Pisces ( 32 years , Middle-Aged )
Race: Latinos
Eyes: Dark eyed
Pelo corporal: Smooth
Body: Beefcake
Height: cm
Weight: kg
Biography: We should first say that along with Daniel Marvin, we have to mention his former partner Pedro Andreas with whom he started in the world of gay porn.

They met in a pub in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and after a romantic relationship, they were discovered in Mexico by producer Collin O'Neal with whom they made their first involvement in gay porn; Over the years, Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin have garnered fans around the world.

It is important to mention the piercing in the middle of his balls and to imagine the curiosity when it reaches into every ass he nails, that feeling must be tenacious.
22:38 MasterChef fuck in the kitchen Daniel and Pedro are cooking and one offers his help to the other to peel whatever, so he peels his banana, that is, his cock, and then, he fucks him bareback on the countertop but because they're versatile they swap roles later to breed in the ass. 15:24 Daniel Marvin and Pero Andreas's mythical fuck These is one of the first fucks they had bareback and in front of the camera which gave a start to a wonderful career in porn until they both split as a couple and each one got lost in the bunch of porn actors. 13:09 These Argentines know how to use their cucumbers These couple of Argentinians have no shame about being seen through the window, because with those bodies, they should be in a museum, truth be told, and they get to fuck in the ass enjoying each muscle of their hot bodies. 144:32 These Argentinians really know fuck in the shoot A few couples of Argentines who look very stunning start fucking as if there were no tomorrow, fucking up the ass in the bathroom, in bed or on a chair, sticking their cocks in their greedy asses and cumming like bitches in heat. 15:24 Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas have some bareback action in the kitchen After a long day of work, when you get home you just want to have your ass fucked well and to be given something to eat, or just getting fucked right from behind, on the kitchen counter, of course, churning milk by fucking bareback. 110:17 Vacation full of hot and very anal guys These guys have been on vacation and are not giving their asshole some rest, they look for good muscled hunks eager to stick it in and not stop, including two who end up practicing a double anal penetration with a young greedy guy. 23:03 Walk around the falls and after a good fuck Daniel and Pedro have a great trip to Brazil to see the Iguazu Falls, although the actual wonders await them in the hotel, when they start to strip naked to suck their cocks and lick their assholes to fuck from behind between moans. 09:00 Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin fuck their assholes bareback Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin are very sweaty and decide to go together to the shower, even though deep down, they want to love each other under the water and shove it into each other's muscular greedy ass without putting on a rubber or anything. 84:06 These hunks get toned by fucking These lads signed up for the gym but they do everything but lifting. They get their cocks really hard with some blowjobs and the rest of the time is spent eating ass and fucking in tireless threesomes. It turns out that the muscles they exercise the most are their cocks and asses. HD 70:01 The more hunks, the more lefarazos A whole lot of hot guys with muscular bodies for sin have great fun swallowing hard fat dick and sticking it up ass their asses, having great orgies where everyone sticks it in and out, sucks and busts some good nuts. HD 14:48 Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas Laid in the kitchen High calorie powder with cream, honey and syrups. Dressed as cooks. Food of ass, tail, feet and fucked in the restaurant kitchen. They fuck bareback to cum.
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