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19:32 Topher DiMaggio penetrates Tate Ryder's ass Topher DiMaggio and Tate Ryder are in a photoshoot when after boring us about them they end up getting naked in the dressing room and they eat each other out to end up with Tate riding astride on Topher's muscular huge cock. HD 23:26 Midnight snacking in the brotherhood In the community dorm of this brotherhood, university students usually wake up at night and they can't avoid going to the bed of the guy next to them to snack on some cock, but finally they end up fucking bareback in the ass while they are recorded. 19:36 Nils Jacobson rammed by CutlerX Nils Jacobson is dying to have CutlerX's gigant cock in his throat, so he sticks it inside until he gags and then he makes his ass available to see if he can bear the thrusting of that cock, and it all gets in between pain and pleasure moans. 65:27 Hunks, superasses and double penetrations These stunning muscular guys know how to suck dick like no one can, but they also know how to stick them very deep between their buttocks on anabolic steroids and many of them end up with two cocks up their ass, enjoying a fuck that is difficult to forget. HD 27:07 Tae, Joe and Richard have a feast A thin Asian but quite a bottom, submissive and piggy (like all the Asians that appear in porn) gets sandwiched between a couple of bangers who fuck him bareback, leaving him bred before he can cum. HD 07:03 First anal and bareback These two young guys are fooling around on the sofa when all of a sudden it's already too late and that has become an ass banging in which the most bottom enjoys his asshole full of a good, thick, unprotected cock, so he breeds him. HD 24:04 John Magnum fucks Adam Russo John Magnum and Adam Russo play in bed, wrestling until John takes Adam's jockstrap down and does him a good ball licking that unleashes a good fuck in which Adam has his bitchy ass fucked and rides on John's cock. 20:24 Peter Finland and Steven Daigle Well, although this mature guy looks nice, you've got to have a strong stomach to let him fuck you bareback, although the other one doesn't seem to care much because he makes his ass available and the other one doesn't stop until he makes him cum with lots of jizz. HD 32:16 Brenn Wyson and Luke Marcum fuck at the office Brenn and Luke are workmates and they've been looking at each other lustily, so, today, when they're alone at the office, they take the opportunity to take their pants down and discover that their cocks are hard and ready to fuck on the desktop. HD 19:08 Collin O'Neal, François Sagat and another hunk have a great time Collin O'Neal walks around some wonderful ruins and finally, when he meets Sagat,he decides to leave ruins aside and get his hands on living things, so he goes with him and a third one to do some digging, anally and with his cock as the shovel. 25:27 A classic: massage with happy ending A huge masseur turns up to relax one of the athletes of the team, but of course, he is so delighted and soon lets him fellate him and then fuck him with the masseur's big cock, which goes all out with that greedy ass. 24:05 Kyle Savage fucks Tyson James bareback Kyle Savage and Tyson James are workmates and being in the department, because they work in a highschool, with their things when the first one realizes that Tyson is jerking off under the table, so he fucks him bareback to satisfy him. HD 15:36 Ugly, fat guy fucks lad in the toilets A quite disgusting fat guy, because truth be told, there are some fat guys that can be fancy although one must be very drunk, takes a young, thin, twink drunk enough to let him fuck him bareback, pee on him and cum on him. 17:14 Abdul and Tobias smoke and fuck cheerfully Abdul and Tobias love two types of cigarettes, fags and meat cigars, and as you can guess this is what they're going to be enjoying, a good cigarette while they smoke their dicks and finally, they fuck in the ass bareback, busting a good load. HD 27:43 Manu Boxer and Manu Maltés have a threesome Manu and his homonym boyfriend like taking a third party to fuck wildly, so this time they find a very greedy one. Maltés fucks him hard while Boxer takes part in what he can, which ends up being the end.
16:27 Dawson has his asshole bred Dawson lets a guy fuck his ass again, an ass in which probably half of the thuggish fags in the US have been, but this time, he does it in a hotel corridor but when people start passing by they get into the room. 21:21 Another practical joke that ends in a fuck This is another course in which the new people in the dorm end up being superpranked by the veterans, but eventually, they start liking this humiliation theme and it all ends with a few freshmen and veterans fucking in the ass. HD 09:20 Flatmates have a blast After having run a run around the city, a swarthy guy gets home and into the shower, while his roomie is watching from the outside until the other one notices and takes him to the sofa to break his ass thrusting him hard. HD 34:47 Adam Killian and Vito Gallo practice versatility Adam is with a buddy at a bar when he sees a really hot waiter, so when he gets closer he makes out with him and the waiter, after a deep blowjob, fucks Adam and Adam also fucks Vito Gallo in the ass. HD 28:33 Day in the countryside ends up in outdoors fuck David and a buddy go out for a walk on hills to breath in some fresh air and be happy in communion with nature, but they whet their sexual appetite and their asses open, so after some blowjobs, they fuck from behind too. 10:54 From a selfie to a fuck A ginger sends his pictures to his boyfriend, first of his face and then of his cock, so when the boyfriend comes for him, he opens his ass with some fingers to take him to bed later and submit him with a good, outstanding ass fucking. HD 32:59 Kidnapped guy ends up fucked in the ass While he's looking for an address, a young French guy gets lost and ends up in a park where some thugs kidnap him and take him home, where they strip him naked and after a small fight he ends up naked and fucked in the mouth and the ass. 78:40 Expert in glory holes has a blast A hunk is in a pub where there is a glory hole room in which soon a few hunks arrive, so he leaves his drink aside to suck cock but later, when the jocks arrive, he gets cocks bareback in his greedy ass. HD 34:52 Rod Daily jerks off in a theft scene Rod Daily turns up at a home where there's been a theft with forceful entry and he comes in with stealth and finds dirty underwear, he smells it and gets so horny that he can't avoid stripping naked and jerking off while he sticks his nightstick up his ass. HD 20:34 Gavin Waters and Sebastian Young, more than buddies Gavin Waters and Sebastian Young are buddies and one they they meet to go out at night and they end up taking a cab to go to the party area but they get horny when they're half-way and they decide to try to make out together, so they go home and fuck. HD 20:46 Interracial fuck between English policemen A couple of bobbies, the typical English cops, turn up at a home where there has been a forceful entry although they don't find the thief. What they find are the dirty underwear of the owner of the home, they sniff it, get horny and fuck. HD 29:55 Zak Spears fucks the guard in his cell Zak Spears is in jail, and very nutty of being between four walls and when he cannot go on anymore, the guard of that ward appears and comes in to keep order, that is, to make his ass available to the inmate so that he fucks him in the ass and gets calmed. 24:09 There's no soldier with a closed ass These two soldiers are a couple of beefy guys who are going to jerk off with some dirty magazines they have but, oh, surprise, they end up naked, sucking their dicks and then fucking in the ass like insatiable versatile guys. 21:29 Bear master educating his submissive and bottom slave A huge bear uses his bear slave as toilet, to pee on him and scent-mark him and after giving him liters of piss from other buddies he has in a jug, but finally, what he decides to do is taking him to fuck him in the ass bareback while he mistreats him. 18:54 A good fuck in the garden Although it might seem not true, some people get turned on by Martin Mazza, who inexplicably get offer themselves to him sexually in the middle of the garden without caring that he sticks it up his ass and then, he has to have some action with the fake aristocrat. HD 21:50 Lucio Saints fucks a greedy guy's ass Lucio Saints receives the visit and the attentions of a buddy who loves sucking dick hard, but like a cocksucking animal whose weakness is for a cock that makes him gag and some good balls that together bust his asshole. HD 25:22 Fucking a lad even in his arms This young guy is quite a slut judging by how ready he is for sex, with his shaven balls, his perineum piercing and feasts on his friend's cock, and finally, he gives him a fuck in all positions. 19:59 A greedy blond guy gets two cock simultaneously A blond guy takes a couple of guys to his place who are going to give him some good cock, but first they suck their cocks well until they're very stiff and they can stick them up the greedy, blond guy's ass who only wants to have a double penetration done. 24:03 Joey Cooper fucked in the ass by Topher DiMaggio Joey Cooper turns up at a bar in which Topher DiMaggio turns up, who is his brother's friend and he has always made him quite horny, so, finally they start chatting and it all ends when topher fucks Joey's ass in the middle of the bar on stools. HD 10:05 Two friends decide to fuck each other Two lifetime friends have always wanted to be taped while they have a fuck. It's not a big thing, but hey, it's always nice to see a couple of guys sticking their cocks up their asses and see them finish with a good, satisfactory cum.
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