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19:08 Work buddies fucking in the construction area These construction buddies have a lot of work to do, but when they see each other, they get so horny they don't take a long time to start making out, and eventually, the bear, who is a powerbottom ends up fucked in his socks and jockstrap. HD 93:57 In this squad, they sticks their cocks passionately The members of this squad, besides serving their nation, they have some bodies that are also useful... to fuck them all in, and they know it, so they enjoy their cocks and asses crazily in the military facilities. 28:52 Cody Cummins and Campbell Stevens get to know each other better Campbell goes to Cody to show him his bits to see if he can also work in porn, but what happens is that eventually, they end up naked and with their cocks really hard and they have no choice but to jerk off, and Campbell also sucks his cock while he's on it. 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