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25:15 Strangers in Prague Both Marco and David don't just have bodies made for abomination, but they also love being subdued and forced to suck some dicks with their cum too, before they are stuck into their asses without a condom and deep inside. 10:53 Samuel O'Toole gets a good blowjob Samuel is studying when his roommate comes out of the bathroom and gets on him with the intention of getting his pants down to give him a good blowjob, something that doesn't take a long time to happen, of course, because Samuel feels more like fucking than studying. 109:57 Friends gathering for anal sex One cannot have a gathering with other friends who have such an estrus and are as horny as these, because eventually, what happens, if there's a sauna, a jacuzzi or a good swimming pool is that people get to suck their dicks and fuck bareback. 95:27 Jocks wanking, masturbating and jerking off One after another, these young, muscular hunks who are very horny, jerk off, one after each other, busting some good jizz without stopping as if they were monkeys in heat, fapping constantly. 93:49 Boxers knocking each other out These boxers go to the gym to do their boxing training but they finally get very horny and get on all fours, fucking bareback in the ass, sucking their dicks but cumming abundantly out of the ass to avoid a low blow. HD 108:26 Trained to obey A real patriot is that who has the balls to do whatever his officials order him to do, and if that implies having to take one's pants down and letting a commander fuck him in the ass, it must be like that because he always enjoys it. 28:18 Topher DiMaggio tops a buddy Topher takes a dark-haired guy home. He has a huge cock he enjoys in his mouth until he gags and until the owner of that cock sucks Topher, who eventually ends up fucking him in the ass with his awesome muscular body and his thrusting cock. HD 37:25 Photo shoot, licking scrotum and then some intercourse After a very suggestive photo shoot, Jackson and Trevor go to bed and suck their dicks until the bigger one eats the bottom's ass out and he cannot avoid sitting on his cock and ride very happily until he gets to cum. HD 37:41 Anal fuck threesome in the hotel room Three friends meet with another one so he records them with his camcorder while they suck their dicks and especially when one of them lies on bed to swallow cock and let him fuck in the ass as if a dirigible with passengers and everything could fit there. 29:46 Rafael Carreras impaling a Cuban fellow Rafael Carreras takes a buddy home who soon gets on his knees to do him some fellatio, getting all that huge cock hanging between Rafael's legs in his mouth and he doesn't take a long time to get it deep into his ass. HD 34:18 Surprise orgy A young guy wants to give a gift to a guy he likes and that's why he gets a mask so that it's truly a surprise when it turns out that it's all a good gang-bang orgy in which the homaged receives cocks galore in the mouth and ass. 30:48 Shy guy fucked in the ass A young guy who wants to drink something on the pub's bar is happy with a good cock that appears magically to get into his mouth and later into his thirsty ass, which he gets bareback, after a good facial fuck. 26:31 Gang bang newly arrived in dorm A young guy who has just arrived at his dorm received a very warm welcome party in which it's all about drinking a lot, dancing and then taking the new one and making him feel very loved, very wanted by their dicks, that get into his ass. 27:26 Very satisfying real estate visits Two real estate agents are getting ready for their open house day in one of the houses on sale, but the son of the owner is around there and he doesn't know anything and all he wants is that both fuck him and fill him with cum. 10:29 Hand-tied young guy gets fucked in the ass A young guy has a sexual fantasy that makes him superhorny, and that is that a jock with a muscular body ties his hands and feet and performs some love manoeuvers like fucking him hard in the ass after having fucked him well in the mouth. HD
17:29 Pau Casserras fucked in the ass by Tomas Friedel Pau Casserras is a guy with an A+ body who loves another big guy like him doing him a blowjob, but what he likes best is that he does him an anal penetration while his muscles move with the continous banging of the ass fucking. 25:45 Photographer doing some lighting and cock test A photographer gets ready to take some pictures of Rafael Carreras, but his cock blinds him so much that he eventually has to measure the light and especially the model's cock, something he does with his mouth and later with his greedy and hungry ass. HD 08:55 Gay, abusive boss fucks his worker An Asian with an amazing body has to yield to his boss' will, who forces him to suck his cock, but he does it gladly, making suffering faces like a good Oriental guy, while he gets fucked in the ass in several different positions. HD 10:08 Home alone, doing Pilates naked A quite exhibitionist guy starts doing some Pilates naked in front of the webcam so we all see him exercise, but he doesn't get a boner or anything like that, because it turns out he just wants to show himself off while we see his amazing body flex. 35:23 Tomas Friedel fucks his greedy hunky friend Tomas takes his buddy and strips him naked to discover he's superstiffy and that he wants to suck his cock so much that Tomas lets him do his thing and later gets a condom on and fucks his ass as if there were no tomorrow. HD 27:33 Samuel Colt gives a greedy Latin guy some cock Samuel colt takes home a Latin who is more passive (bottom) than a deponent verb so he takes little time to get his ass all open so that Samuel can eat it out and stick some introductory fingers before sticking it in his ass and pumping his greedy ass well. HD 87:36 Fucks with kidnappings, gym buddies and friends Since the first scene, in which they kidnap a guy to fuck him hard, we know that this movie is going to satisfy everyone, because there are some hunks who want to get some cock and have their ass splitted into two and all this can only end in some good sex. 115:11 Farmers and soldiers with their well-loaded nuts Farmers who are lost in the countryside spend winter days fucking in the ass and sucking their cocks until some very horny soldiers arrive in the place and end up devastating the superasses of the more than thankful farmers. HD 31:31 Executives in a furtive encounter Two executives escape the workplace to meet on the street and after going to their apartment, where they suck their dicks among spit, opening their ass widely to end up fucking each other while they cum. 36:47 Two hunks fuck their asses After Michael Lucas's visit, an amazing man with a beard goes to his place and there, he has some action on the living room's divan with a bottom hunk whom he fucks deep not without having done him a good deep ass eating first. HD 26:38 Amazing hunk gets good cock up his ass A jock with a huge body full of muscles starts sucking his friend's dick, but his friend doesn't take a long time to stick it up his ass bareback and make him so horny, that he eventually just wants his cum on his face and in his mouth. HD 09:30 Very vicious guy has a feast with a huge cock A very greedy bottom gets crazy with some fat balls and a good hard cock attached to them, so he doesn't take a long time to suck it well until the dick's owner sticks it up his ass deep inside. HD 115:07 In this prison, they all get horny This prison is a bit like Orange is the new black, there are some extraordinary flings among guards and inmates and they do things that are not allowed, like sucking their dicks, masturbating together and fucking in the asshole in the facilities. HD 102:22 Delicate youths and jock in suit As in these boring Eastern European films of cocksucking young guys, these guys enjoy their large, hard cocks, their cocks stuck in the ass, pumping and giving pleasure, although eventually, a fully grown hot guy turns up. HD 25:05 Tony Falco fucks Tucker Vaughn There's nothign nothing that gets Tony hornier than a guy like Tucker giving him a good blowjob, that's why all he does is eating his ass out and then sticking it up his ass, penetrating him with his huge cock until the other one cums. 38:39 A meeting to clean the car ends in hot guy's orgy Some incredibly muscular friends meet to clean one of the guys' supercar, but because of the water and the heat, and especially, those amazing bodies, they end up getting very horny and they get home to suck their dicks and also to fuck in the ass before the bukkake. 19:37 Young guys getting laid in public rest rooms A policeman who is too young to be one, takes a young offender to the public rest rooms because he wants to take a piss and unknowingly, they start sucking each other's dicks until the cop finally fucks the criminal in the ass without putting a condom on, fucking him hard. 11:40 Cum on the face after exhibiting themselves on the balcony Mike wakes up with a huge hard on and the only thing he feels like doing is masturbating on the balcony, but later, he gets shier and he plays a porn movie while he jerks off and his roommate gets all horny and masturbates with him, getting his jizz. 08:06 Marco Blaze fucks Levi Poulter's superass Levi gets unleashed and starts recording the amazing fuck he's going to have with Marco Blaze, who is at his best, with an awesome back and a wonderful ass, but the wonder is seeing how his huge cock sinks into Levi's ass. 61:56 Bareback lovers These hunks who live in Los Angeles enjoy their cocks like no one in the whole city, they enjoy them in their asses, pumping their assholes without getting any condom on and having a great time filling themselves up with so much freshly-milked cum.
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