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26:50 Robin Sanchez and Issac Jones fuck bareback in the ass Robin Sanchez and Issac Jones have already fucked so many people and that the only that makes them horny is when they fuck bareback without a condom but, sure, they take turns. First, it's Robin who has his ass banged, and then Issac, but eventually, it's Robin who gets bred. 30:42 A black, fat and large cock in a greedy white ass A white guy eager to be the target of a good cock-into-ass shooting ends up getting, after a good blowjob session, a black buddy to fuck his ass hard and breed him, leaving him with his ass open. 20:42 A game of pool with a very big and special cue Two colleagues are bored at home playing pool while it's raining outside. Unable to go out for a walk, what they do in the end is to continue with another set of balls and cuesticks, meaning, their balls and cocks, with the bottom receiving well. 34:09 Soldiers in the tent use their cocks really well While Tommy is masturbating really well with a porn magazine, Rusty watches everything and eventually feels encouraged to appear before him and give him a good blowjob before Tommy does the same for him and then gives him a good pounding in his greedy ass. 22:05 Colby Keller and Dale Cooper have in a nice summer fuck Colby and Dale go on vacation to relax from the craziness of the city and go to a hut on the coast where they have wonderful sea views and a spectacular swimming pool, but they are especially in a good mood to fuck in the ass with their dicks. 10:02 Ass used for the first time with a huge cock A young man who is looking forward to lose his asshole's virginity once and for all decides to do it with a guy who has an amazing cock that does not only 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obviously, when they see their flesh hoses, they start to unroll them to start using them in the mouths and asses of their colleagues. 19:26 Jake and Mason stay at home having sex Jake and Mason will celebrate Valentine's day by eating out, so they shower and make themselves handsome, but they get very horny in the bathroom and end up naked just to suck their cocks and ass and fuck in the asshole in the bedroom. 49:05 A few fucks among hung hunks A lot of guys are in different situations in which they have a blast, from the first ones, fucking in leather style, to the final orgy in which a lot of stallions fuck in the ass to cum in Damien's mouth. 33:59 Trevor Knight and Jeremy Stevens Trevor Knight and Jeremy Stevens are different sizes, but one likes them large and the other one likes them small, so they enjoy their dicks a lot, especially after having sucked their cocks until the time comes to stick them in. 32:23 Mitch Vaughn and Mike Marko have a fucking great time with their cocks Ready for a photo shoot, model and camera man get very steamy with the situation and end up eating their mouths to become more familiar but in the end this only makes them really horny and fuck in the ass hard. 90:36 Young but eager to end up bred When one is young, blood is boiling up all day with hormones and the kids are always jerking off like monkeys until adulthood arrives and they can fuck anywhere, the military, a stable, the forest or in the privacy of home. 36:41 Valentin Petrov makes John Magnum have a great time When two guys with a privileged physique get together, it does not take much longer for their cocks to react and become hard as stone, a sure sign that it's time to eat the ass to open it and fuck it well with their huge cocks. 27:04 These gym stallions fuck hard in the ass While practicing his right hook, a buddy comes in, tattooed and ripped, like him, and soon, he kneels and both end up naked, having a feast, fucking in the ass with the momentum that only 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