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23:07 Raw, bareback fuck A mature guy lets an impressive hunk do him because he's such a bottom that he doesn't even get an erection, so he gives him a great fuck, but he still doesn't cum, until eventually, he breeds him and he can cum. 18:17 Rafael Carreras fucks Lucas Foz's ass Rafael Carreras and Lucas Foz are visiting Barcelona, when, after strolling for a long time, their cocks get itchy and they just want to go home to suck their huge cocks and after the foreplay, they have a fuck that is not normal, with lots of cum. 52:32 Exercising cock and ass muscles Nothing better than a good fuck among muscular machos, and if it's interracial, even better, because there's nothing more beautiful than ethnic blending, as we see here with the amazing cocks of an Arab, a French guy and a black guy, all as powerful as they look. 27:46 Marc Dylan receives a good company incentive Marc Dylan is explaining the account balance of the tax year when one of the workmates of the company, who turns out to be his superior, congratulates him and offers him a bonus in the from of a fuck in the meeting room that is a wonder. 14:11 Real machos breeding for real Lito Cruz sees an ass, and he cannot avoid the temptation of getting close in stealth and ending up jumping at the owner to cover him and stick it in his ass, deep in, bareback, leaving his asshole well open, stretched and especially bred. 15:30 Hot threesome in the restaurant's kitchen Restaurants' kitchens are always very hot, obviously, but this time the reason is obvious, because these hunks who cook are superhot and have some hard sausages between their legs which they all eat raw. HD 16:30 Black guys fucking in the ass bareback outdoors Some black guys are next to the seashore as it's so hot, and they decide to freshen up with a good fuck in which they sticks their huge cocks in their asses bareback, enjoying this fuck like animals in heat. 17:12 Carlo Cox and Luca Falcini work at the office Carlo Cox and Luca Falcini work at the same office and the truth is that they've always made each other quite horny, so, as it's August and there's no one else in the facilities, they eat each other out and fuck in the ass right there. 55:55 Photoshoot with a final models orgy Six guys that are superhot and dirty go to a photoshoot in which they do their best, until in the end, with so much rubbing, they end up stripping naked and fucking in the ass, without stopping, sucking their cocks and cumming as if it were the first time. 11:54 A very normal fuck between guys who are mindblowing A very normal and relaxed fuck with two hunks who eat each other out, but the hunkier one ends up lying on his back and serviced by the other one, who sucks his cock hard so that he can continue later with his asshole, sticking a finger dildo and fucking him straddling. 20:40 Oriental fuck with a phenomenal cock An American blond guy gets to the East and falls in love with a hunky moor with a delightful cock, which he sucks until he gags, before the Arab stud sticks it up his ass and then shoots a load right at his face. 24:44 Dean Monroe fucked by a group of hunks Dean has always been a powerbottom and a bitch, so it's not difficult to watch him somewhere being fucked in the ass but a lot of dicks he has already sucked and lubricated with his saliva prior to getting them hard from behind. 22:52 Colby Jansen fucks JD Phoenix at the office When JD gets to the office, he takes little time to see that his workmate is watching him with lots of lust, and before he can realize it, he ends up with his ass full of his cock, while the other strips him naked in a frenzy fuck right there at their workplace. HD 20:21 Patrick Hanson and Randy Harden breeding their asshole Patrick and Randy are a couple of guys who love getting a good bareback fuck, but also the cockring thing, because they get some good ones on to have it hard while they eat each other out, including the asshole, before breeding each other with a good load. HD 17:01 Martin Mazza, Rafa García and Tony Aguilera After a long an unsuccessful negotiation, it all ends when an entrepreneur ends up swallowing the two other associates' conditions, but it's not easy, because he has to swallow their cocks, through his ass and mouth in the office and ends up with cum on himself. HD
115:07 If jails are like this, they can get me in In this wonderful prison, far away from civilization, very strange things happen among the inmates and also among some watchmen, because they're always merry... and it's probably because they spend the day fucking each other with no shyness. HD 19:41 Two hunks fuck a client A client gets into a shop of things related to sex, like leather, chains and all that fetish stuff and they soon offer him a good harness which they use soon when they make the client get on his knees and they fuck him with their huge cocks and cum on his face. HD 106:59 Hunks who end up in a mass orgy A bunch of very hot guys with huge cocks, muscular and especially very eager to suck dick, fuck and get cum out, have some fucks orgy style. It's a pleasure to see how much fun they have while they shoot cum with their cocks. 22:52 Punished for arriving late at the office John Magnum spends half of the morning ringing his assistant with no success, because he's not there or he can't pick up the phone, so when he arrives he scolds him so much that the employee gets on his knees and sucks his cock to finally let John Magnum fuck him at the office. 15:07 Rafael Carreras fucks Brandon Hawk at the office Rafael Carreras is smoking a good cigar when Brandom Hawk comes with lots of desire to do the same, but a good meat cigar, Rafael's one, who lets him fellate him until his cock is so hard that he sticks it into Brandom's ass hard and bareback. 46:59 Lots of leather vice So, that's it, these guys want some hard sex, no missionary or cuddling, what they want is a gigant dildo in their ass that stretches it, so they can get a fist on the sling, although some prefer a whip and being caged, of course. 15:46 Pizza, feet and then, everyone gets to fuck Three friends order pizza and when it arrives, they start putting their feet in them, and sucking them, fetish-style, which must make them so horny that they end up taking their pants down so that the host fucks those two very anal guests. 10:56 Acrobatic bareback sex A huge black guy who must be a mountebank with a perineum piercing takes his cock out and he fucks his white buddy in all possible and impossible positions, breeding him in the end so that he has a good souvenir. 19:30 Musclebears fucking next to the fireplace This couple of muscular machos with hairy chests love each other in the privacy of their home, fucking each other lovingly next to the fireplace as their bodies warm up and get more tense, to end up venting with some good cumshots. HD 94:16 Sun, summer and lots of sex in the anus These guys have the summer's rhythm, that is, lots of calm, lots of desire for company and especially lots of anal sex with whomever who gets in front of them, and as they even have the gardener there, they have a great time together, swallowing their huge cocks and fucking each other. 27:04 Topher DiMaggio penetrates Franco Ferrari in his suit and everything Topher DiMaggio and Franco Ferrari are industry's buddies and after a long and complicated market operation they decide to give each other a small break in the form of homage, fucking in the ass and sucking their dicks, but it's Franco who gets it from behind. HD 108:26 Trained to obey Every year, they do these manoeuvers to make the recruits better soldiers, and especially, better anal receptors for their superiors' cocks, so they don't stop sticking them into each other inside and outside the military headquarters. HD 20:51 Trevor Knight fucks Guy Parker Trevor Knight is Guy Parker's assistant, his boss, who is very stressed and he is so professional that when he sees a superior suffering, he does whatever needed so that he relaxes, starting with a good massage that ends up in an anal fuck on the carpet. 25:13 Public restrooms with a surprise In this public rest rooms men meet some mindblowing hunks, but they behave the way they should, sucking their cocks through a huge glory hole and fucking in the ass with a good condom, of course. 18:10 Tomas Friedel fucking a horny young guy Tomas has a young friend who likes rubbing his cock against the mattress, so he goes and brings him a cockring to put it on and keep his cock very hard while he sticks it bareback through his ass and gives him a nice fuck in bed. 93:25 Some good 80s fucks This movie has it all, as it was done in the 80s; some good hunks, a bunch of cocks, dildos, glory holes, threesomes (at the very least) and then some good orgies in which no ass was empty, whether it was with flesh or plastic. 13:04 Topher DiMaggio bangs Riley Price Topher DiMaggio is Riley Price's personal trainer, and after doing some exercises, in the end, it's the second one who gets on his knees to do the exercise he likes the best, swallowing cock, and then making his ass available so Topher fucks him hard. 133:12 Workers, gardeners, executives... they all fuck at work When a guy's cock gets horny, it doesn't matter where he is, because whether it's in the office or the bureau, the thing is getting one's pants down to have a good fuck and stick it in very hard and deep until one busts a good nut on oneself. 19:51 Tommy Defendi and Mason Star practice versatility Tommy and Mason are fooling around with their mobile phones and there, naked, with a towel on, they realize their cocks are hard like rods and they suck them to end up fucking each other like good versatiles, deep into their asses. HD 22:12 A visit to the taylor ends up very well Jorge goes to the taylor so that he makes some leather things for him, but eventually, he gropes him, sucks his cock and Jorge has no choice but to let him fuck him in the ass while the assistant joins the fuck and they all fuck on the pattern designing table. HD
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