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11:13 Fucked in the ass for shooting at birds One of those half-lame farmers in the US is having some fun while shooting at some birds flying in the sky, but some brave hunks see him and go to him, and after stopping him, one fucks him so he learns the lesson. 89:01 Desperate Husbands In residential areas in the US people get really bored, so they soon meet in common places, like pools and gardens, to socialize by taking their dicks out and when they're naked, they have a great fuck. 25:23 Diego and Román have a good time When Diego gets home, he hears his roommate shouting at him telling him he's got a surprise for him and tells him to close his eyes to go to the room, so he obeys and when he opens them, he finds him at his place, naked and with a boner, and they fuck. HD 23:29 Hung thug sticks it into a very greedy young guy An Englishman with a wonderful, big, fat, filling cock takes a young guy to his place and after sucking his cock (and letting him suck it, of course) and working his ass well, he gives him such a fuck that leaves the kid very satisfied. 24:45 Friends' reunion ends up in a good orgy Some Argentinean friends gather at the home of one of them for some drinks, but the alcohol ends up getting to their heads and eventually, things end up happening, they all get horny and have an amazing fuck all over the home. HD 28:00 Nice fuck in the sofa That's it, a couple of guys who are really hot have a fuck on the sofa, smoothly, without brusqueness or anything like that, so they don't break that wonderful decor around them, including that wonderful Renaissance wardrobe with three doors in the background. 15:58 Sexual encounter in the local woods Two hunks have been making out with the intention of getting further, when a third one arrives and things turn even more interesting, because it's time to get their dicks up the ass and they do it very happily, sticking them bareback and cumming on each other. 23:15 Damien Crosse and Gabriel Vanderloo fucking like rabbits Damien Crosse takes a piss while Gabriel Vanderloo is having a shower and jerking off with the sights, so, finally, both get very horny and they fuck in the ass mutually, like good versatile guys, giving each other anal pleasure and a good cum in the mouth. HD 22:51 Marcus Mojo Tommy Defendi Marcus Mojo plays model and Tommy Defendi photographer... what a script... the thing is that, as it could be foreseen, the photographer eats the model's ass and after making him very horny, he ends up fucking him while bottom Marcus moans nonstop. HD 28:03 Marc Dylan and his friends have an orgy Marc and his friends, the piggiest guys in the place, of course, those who don't care whether they get fucked or they fuck as long as there's some good fluid exchange, orally or anally, have a vespertine fuck which is a pleasure to watch. 21:00 Colby Keller, Duncan Black and Justin Matthews Colby, Duncan and Justin summer together and with the heat, they end up very horny, looking forward to getting their pants down and fucking, and when one of them gets romantic with the guitar, a wild three-way fuck unleashes. 21:44 Macho electricians, hung and eager for some action A couple of electricians who have never worked together meet in a reparation and both are superhot, so eventually, after some gazes, they strip naked, showing some amazing bodies and they suck their dicks to fuck well. HD 26:51 Two insatiable, greedy guys suck and swallow stranger's jizz Two supergreedy guys, one of them, the first one, with an amazing body, starts sucking strangers' cock hard, bigger, not so big, hung and a bit smaller, but they all fuck these greedy guys' faces and make them swallow their cum. 13:56 Marco Blaze fucked at work by Jean Franko Marco and Jean are workmates and this time they've been left alone and they use the opportunity to do what they had always wanted to do: fucking in the ass at work after fucking their dicks and eating their asses out before fucking each other's undersurface. 17:14 Shawn Balfour jerks off at his friend's place like a thief in the night Shawn Balfour goes to a friend's place to go later to do some business, but his buddy leaves Shawn alone for a while and Shawn uses the opportunity to jerk off with a fleshlight and finish right before his buddy is done. HD
25:13 Michael Brandon fucks a very greedy guy's ass Michael Brandon takes a guy who is eager for some good action to a bar. He longs for having his ass fucked with his huge cock that eventually, they have it on top of the bar's pool table, sticking it into the bottom, who wants more and more. 21:45 Roman Madlec and Milan Beran fuck in the garden Roman is sitting peacefully on the garden's bench while he sees Milan working with the bustle of cleaning the plot and he gets hornier and hornier and eventually they end up kissing passionately to suck their dicks and fuck. 27:56 Aitor Crash gives a greedy buddy a good fuck Aitor and a friend have some beers while they smoke a cigarette and they soon start taking their clothes off to suck their dicks and right after that, Aitor takes his friend and after opening his ass with his tonge and hand, he fucks him very hard. 22:28 Arrested by mistake and fucked by two policemen who are gods A guy is attacked in a mug attempt and when the thief leaves the scene, the cops turn up and they think he is the wrong-doer, so they arrest him and fuck him at the police station, something the other doesn't avoid because they're superripped and because it turns him on. 23:16 Mike fucks Tony Ray We don't know why Tony Ray puts a mask on if he plays under his name, but well, the thing is that he's a pig who soon spreads his legs open even when the other has an unearthly cock, but Tony lets him stick it well. 22:19 Sebastian Young fucking Bryce Star Bryce Star pays his friend Sebastian a little visit, who is looking forward to his friend giving him a good and deep blowjob, so Bryce gets on his knees and fellates him like a love machine, just to end up getting his ass all open for Sebastian Young. 23:07 Raw, bareback fuck A mature guy lets an impressive hunk do him because he's such a bottom that he doesn't even get an erection, so he gives him a great fuck, but he still doesn't cum, until eventually, he breeds him and he can cum. 18:17 Rafael Carreras fucks Lucas Foz's ass Rafael Carreras and Lucas Foz are visiting Barcelona, when, after strolling for a long time, their cocks get itchy and they just want to go home to suck their huge cocks and after the foreplay, they have a fuck that is not normal, with lots of cum. 52:32 Exercising cock and ass muscles Nothing better than a good fuck among muscular machos, and if it's interracial, even better, because there's nothing more beautiful than ethnic blending, as we see here with the amazing cocks of an Arab, a French guy and a black guy, all as powerful as they look. 27:46 Marc Dylan receives a good company incentive Marc Dylan is explaining the account balance of the tax year when one of the workmates of the company, who turns out to be his superior, congratulates him and offers him a bonus in the from of a fuck in the meeting room that is a wonder. 14:11 Real machos breeding for real Lito Cruz sees an ass, and he cannot avoid the temptation of getting close in stealth and ending up jumping at the owner to cover him and stick it in his ass, deep in, bareback, leaving his asshole well open, stretched and especially bred. 15:30 Hot threesome in the restaurant's kitchen Restaurants' kitchens are always very hot, obviously, but this time the reason is obvious, because these hunks who cook are superhot and have some hard sausages between their legs which they all eat raw. HD 16:30 Black guys fucking in the ass bareback outdoors Some black guys are next to the seashore as it's so hot, and they decide to freshen up with a good fuck in which they sticks their huge cocks in their asses bareback, enjoying this fuck like animals in heat. 17:12 Carlo Cox and Luca Falcini work at the office Carlo Cox and Luca Falcini work at the same office and the truth is that they've always made each other quite horny, so, as it's August and there's no one else in the facilities, they eat each other out and fuck in the ass right there. 55:55 Photoshoot with a final models orgy Six guys that are superhot and dirty go to a photoshoot in which they do their best, until in the end, with so much rubbing, they end up stripping naked and fucking in the ass, without stopping, sucking their cocks and cumming as if it were the first time. 11:54 A very normal fuck between guys who are mindblowing A very normal and relaxed fuck with two hunks who eat each other out, but the hunkier one ends up lying on his back and serviced by the other one, who sucks his cock hard so that he can continue later with his asshole, sticking a finger dildo and fucking him straddling. 20:40 Oriental fuck with a phenomenal cock An American blond guy gets to the East and falls in love with a hunky moor with a delightful cock, which he sucks until he gags, before the Arab stud sticks it up his ass and then shoots a load right at his face. 24:44 Dean Monroe fucked by a group of hunks Dean has always been a powerbottom and a bitch, so it's not difficult to watch him somewhere being fucked in the ass but a lot of dicks he has already sucked and lubricated with his saliva prior to getting them hard from behind. 22:52 Colby Jansen fucks JD Phoenix at the office When JD gets to the office, he takes little time to see that his workmate is watching him with lots of lust, and before he can realize it, he ends up with his ass full of his cock, while the other strips him naked in a frenzy fuck right there at their workplace. HD 20:21 Patrick Hanson and Randy Harden breeding their asshole Patrick and Randy are a couple of guys who love getting a good bareback fuck, but also the cockring thing, because they get some good ones on to have it hard while they eat each other out, including the asshole, before breeding each other with a good load. HD
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