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23:02 Diego Lautzen and Wagner Victoria fuck in the ass bareback Diego and Wagner have been a couple since a long time and they are also the main characters of their own porn career in which they always fuck in the ass properly, that is, bareback, to enjoy it more intensely, although this time Tim Kruger's cock appears. HD 26:56 Amazing fuck among Adam Ramzi and Sean Zevran Adam takes Sean and gives him an amazing blowjob that leaves him with his ass opening wide, so he eats it out and penetrates him with his cock and then Sean does the same thing and gives him a good fuck with some slapping in between. HD 15:33 Samuel O'Toole receives a couple of friends at home Samuel is very hot and he knows it, so he is not surprised that his gym buddies insist on visiting him at home, because he takes lots of pride and satisfaction in knowing that it's because of his cock, which he ends up taking it out to give him some action orally and anally. HD 15:56 Rocco Banks and Danny Start penetrate each other at the gym Rocco and Danny train together at the gym and make a good use of the horniness and knowing that there's a videocamera recording it all, to strip naked, sucking their dicks and finally have a good ass fucking in which the dark-haired hunk gets his greedy ass fucked. HD 139:46 French cops movie with lots of cock French police thriller with a plot nobody understands because they spend the movie fucking in the ass like champions, with the full force of law and order and especially without caring about people around them watching. 24:20 From wrestling to free fucking These two mates of the wrestling team have been left alone at the gym and sure, one thing leads to another and finally they end up with their tights in their ankles, sucking their cocks and ending with a good bareback fuck in their athletic asses. 28:48 Muscular, fat guys giving each other love bareback A musclefat, that is, a fat guy who thinks he's muscular without being it, receives the visit of his masseur, who at least has some real muscles and lies down to get his weekly massage, although finally, he ends up fucking the chiropractor in the ass. 20:57 A good blowjob in the lift at work A very muscular blond guy in a suit is at work and takes the lift to go to the registry story when he gets very horny, his cock gets very hard and then he has no choice but to strip naked and wank well in the public lift. 104:54 This museum has a lot of gay action This museum is devoted to the male figure, the phallus and all that has to do with the antique and artistic cock, so the ones who visit it end up fucking among them or with the guards and even at night, the statues fuck each other in the ass. 20:05 Paco, in a suit, wanker and with a greedy ass Paco gets home very horny from work, because there's nothing that makes him hornier than a bunch of guys in suits, so he gets home and starts masturbating, showing us his muscular, hairy, hot body and sticking half of his hand into his ass, very much a powerbottom. HD 74:35 Young Noah gets some good bondage in public restrooms Noah wants to be subdued and treated like an object and get fucked by the more people as possible and on top of that, in a public place, so his wishes are their commands and a bunch of guys give him an amazing fuck it's a pleasure to be witness of. HD 24:20 White guy swallowing huge black dick A young white guy looking forward to enjoying a good cock, is reading, bored, in his room until his roommate comes in and gives him such an anal fuck that leaves his ass well open, very horny and also very full of black guy's cum. HD 25:44 Some good wanking before fucking the buddies An amazing jock gets all soaked in oil while his cock keeps getting harder and harder and in the end, he does himself some good masturbation with a good nut and then he keeps giving two of his friends pleasure, he fucks them and provides them with fresh cum. 22:24 A blond hunk lets a go do him some job A blond hunk spreads his legs open to show us how he jerks off but when he starts digging into his ass a buddy gets there and does it for him, with his finger, dildos and other anal tools that make this guy so crazy that he busts a good nut. 96:30 Leather's mansion This gang of leather-loving thugs goes to a masterclass about leather fetishes and then they practice it in a lesson which they do carefully, that is, they fuck like animals fucking in the ass like machos. HD
26:34 Slave fucks his master in the ass Two slaves from this plantation are fed up with being treated like slaves, obviously, so they have a revelation and decide to rebel, so the next day, the bigger one fucks his master and then aims at him with a weapon and with a rifle. 22:13 Police anal brutality Two cops catch a couple of hunks smoking a joint and of course, they arrest them but not so much because of the spliff but because they make them very horny and they want to fuck them, something that happens like a piece of cake, on the hood, sticking even their nightsticks into their asses. 19:25 Threesome trying all combinations Three Brazilian guys, of every color, from the whitest to the swarthiest and of all physical complexions meet to suck their cocks well, but then they keep sticking them in and eventually they all end up sticking it very deep in one of the asses. 16:07 XXL Jamaican cock fucking a greedy white guy A white guy with an asshole that seems like a black hole gets a huge Jamaican cock so big that it would burst anyone, and bareback, but not him, it makes him even hornier and doesn't stop until he gives him a cumshot in the mouth. 41:28 A priest's confession Jimmy Fanz is a priest with many doubts, recently graduated from the theological seminary, with his vows done and also many sexual doubts he confesses to Tommy Defendi, and after a torrid confession, they end up going to a hotel to fuck well in the ass. 23:53 Rental car delivery with some good cock On the coast there are wonderful car rental services that leave the car right at your front door, but the best is that people who contract this service have sometimes just come out of the shower and with a boner when the car arrives and sure... you know what happens next. HD 33:10 Bottom gets it up the ass A bottom looking forward to getting some good cock up his ass calls a buddy and turns up there to give him a good ass eating and after a 69 which both enjoy greatly, they end up fucking in the ass until they bust a good cumshot. 15:06 Denis Reed fucks a guy bareback on the street Denis meets a guy at the bus stop and after some chat they get very horny and the other gives Denis a blowjob, so Denis takes him to the car and sticks it in bareback outside, then does it inside and jerks off. 14:05 Danny Tyler and David Jones masturbate together Danny and David are buddies and they love jerking off together, but no homo, eh? So they take out their magazines, which we don't know what they're about, and they masturbate while they sniff their sneakers and get very horny and end up cumming on their sneakers' soles. HD 13:03 Insatiable bottom in bareback fuck A guy with the greediest ass in the world lets two mulattos with huge cocks confine him, sticking his cocks repeatedly in the ass bareback, opening his asshole wide until they come inside and in his greedy bottom's mouth. HD 14:51 Unexpected visit ends in a fuck A guy is in a single-room apartment and he's about to start touching his cock when a buddy comes in and after some sentences they start making out and then after a good oral session, they end up fucking in the ass like good friends. HD 93:43 Brazilian guys doing anal samba all day These Brazilian guys spend all day partying, in the carnivals and because the weather is always good, they are all day horny and always ready to take their pants down to enjoy a good tropical ass banging in their farm or in the rainforest. 18:28 Fuck Turkish-style Two Turkish guys give a buddy a camcorder to record them sucking their cocks and then fucking in the ass. The video is quite shabby, but it's got that candid thing of amateur videos done thinking that they're going to look very professional. 09:30 Mike Buffalari and Sam Rizzo exercise their pecs Mike Buffalari and Sam Rizzo are bodybuilders who do their gym circuit together but they make each other very horny and they start toucing until finally, with the excuse of checking their muscular definition, they strip naked and suck their cocks a bit. 25:07 Mattias Solich and Rado Zuska Mattias and Rado meet to talk business but things get out of hand with alcohol and they end with their dicks in their mouths, having a 69 on the sofa until eventually, Rado gives Mattias a good anal fuck and both cum amazingly. HD 17:13 This Cuban immigrant always cums handsfree At customs, a couple of guys in the immigration service take a very hot Cuban guy and decide to abuse him, of course, but the guy cums even without almost touching himself, so the agents have to fuck each others' asses to improve the situation. 18:08 Two dark-haired hunks fuck a blond powerbottom Two stunning dark-haired guys take a blond guy who seems to want some dark-haired cock to an abandoned house, and as they sit on the sofa he starts sucking cocks until he gets them very hard and then asks them to fuck him in the ass with them. 12:48 Smooth hunk in a mask jerks off An amazing hunk with a mask on reads a letter by an admirer who asks him to do dirty stuff for him in front of the cam, like stripping naked, showing his smooth body, even his ass and then do a good masturbation with that huge cock he has. 10:34 Fucking in the ass with the Go Pro on A couple of lovers has a Go Pro and they take it everywhere, for drinks, to Cercedilla with their friends to spend the weekend... but when they use it most is when they put it on at home to record in first person how they fuck in the ass in HD. HD 21:34 Bodybuilding hunk cums on the gym's floor Matt Davis trains everyday at the gym for hours, but there's a time when he gets so horny that he has to strip naked and start touching himself, so that finally, he jerks off well, leaving the floor covered with jizz.
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