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13:00 Italian superbears fucking their anuses Two mindblowing Italian, big and hairy bears, not that fat thing, jump at each other to kiss passionately and then, just with their boots on, they do a good 69 that ends with the bigger one fucking the ass of his supergreedy lover. 07:01 Brazilians practicing versatility These two friends from Brazil are going to have a great time in quick fuck in which both fuck their ass anally but their are prudent and they do it with a condom, but the most amazing thing is how the other one cums, it looks like a fountain. 07:04 Black guys fucking in the ass in the forest These two black guys with very succulent cocks and asses go to a forest to kneel and suck their cocks until the black bottom with a very greedy ass gets on his knees and on all fours and gets a fuck in the ass that leaves him very happy. 24:39 Two straight friends end up fucking each other A blond guy is watching a porn movie in his TV with lots of inches when his roommate gets close to jerk himself off with him, like good buddies, but finally he ends up sucking his cock well and making his ass available for the other to fuck him hard. HD 17:01 Benoit receives a manual service Benoit doesn't take his police officer hat for anything, although finally, after receiving a four-hand massage, he ends up taking it to receive in exchange, a good manual job from some hands that give him a good wank on his French huge cock. HD 31:04 Blond guy with a hairy ass gets a good cigar A blond guy with a very, very greedy ass lets a buddy massage him lightly, and I say lightly because he soon gets to suck his buddy's cock, and he ends up fucking him in the ass until he cums in his whole and sticks it all inside. 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