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41:28 A priest's confession Jimmy Fanz is a priest with many doubts, recently graduated from the theological seminary, with his vows done and also many sexual doubts he confesses to Tommy Defendi, and after a torrid confession, they end up going to a hotel to fuck well in the ass. 23:02 Diego Lautzen and Wagner Victoria fuck in the ass bareback Diego and Wagner have been a couple since a long time and they are also the main characters of their own porn career in which they always fuck in the ass properly, that is, bareback, to enjoy it more intensely, although this time Tim Kruger's cock appears. HD 50:36 Rafael Alencar is Christopher Daniels's rent boy Rafael Alencar gets a phonecall from Christopher Daniels, who wants his escort services (that is, whore services) and right there, he turns up to tell him what he wants, and what he wants is that he sticks his huge cock in his greedy ass, in which the biggest things can come in. 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